Saturday, 29 June 2013

Y as the eeee sound

Check out the great creation by Room 6 to share our learning.....

Thursday, 27 June 2013

The i sound

Check out this great work by Ashley, Ciara, Analise, Deegan, Nathan and Izaiah who found lots of things with the i sound. i i i insect....

How many other words can you think of that have the i sound (like i i i insect)?

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Learning to dribble a ball

Today Mrs T visited us for the last time this term. All the children in Room 6 were very keen to share their great dribbling skills! Check out the pictures to see our future basketball champions....

Monday, 24 June 2013

Learning to be measurers

Today we measured our teddy bears. Check out what Sienna and Kaedyn did....

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Measuring Raki Raki

We are learning to be measurers! 

We drew pictures of raki raki and then measured different parts of the duck.

We know that to measure we have to have a start and end point.

Bailey using cubes to measure around the outside of her raki raki's body.

All about Hippos

Logan and Camo have been using the IPADs to record facts from their book - all about Hippos!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Polar Bear measuring

We are learning how to measure. 

How tall is a Polar Bear? Check out this cool song about Polar Bears......

Magic Duck!

Look at who visited our classroom today....

Author Camo wrote:
Today Room 6 saw a bird. It is on our roof. Duck shooters might shoot the duck. Mrs Ramsay stood on the ladder then she couldn't see so she stood on our table. It has a spiky tail. It looks like a goose but it is a duck. It has an orange beak and it doesn't have a nose like our one. In the ducks beak it has nostrils so it can breath. I think its up there because it has babies. Its wings might be broken because it fell off the roof. The feathers are white like clouds. Its whanau might fly up to see it. Its habitat is at Parkvale School.

Author Zack wrote:
When I walked into Room 6 I saw a duck. It had red goggles like fire and white feathers like a white wall. I think that if flew back from a paddock.

Author Cloe wrote:
Today Room 6 saw a duck and it went quack quack! It has an orange beak. It is on the roof because some people were trying to scare it near Room 6. On Friday if was near Room 8.

Author Henry wrote:
How fascinating! Today in class I looked out of the window like I do every day and I saw a duck. I was soooo surprised that it nearly ripped my socks off. At morning tea it made all the children say, "There is a duck on the roof!" I think it was there to make a new habitat here.

Author Max wrote:
Today Room 6 saw a duck on the roof. It has orange around its eyes and it has a pointy orange beak and the duck has a white bushy little tail. I think it has laid some eggs and it is trying to protect the eggs from predators!

U sound

Today the Lorax's reading group hunted around school for things with the u sound. Look at the collages they created using the IPADs.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Rapunzel's Castles

After reading the fairytale 'Rapunzel' we decided to create a castle that Rapunzel would like to live in.
We used our maths knowledge to plan and draw rectangles, squares, triangles and semi circles. We used our knowledge about temperature to help us figure out what warm and cool colours to use.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Physical Education

Today Mrs T from Sports Hawke's Bay visited us in Room 6 to teach us how to dribble a basket ball with our hands.
Thank you Mrs T - it was great fun! We are going to keep practicing dribbling the ball with one hand.

We learnt to 

  • dribble the ball next to our hip
  • push, not slap, the ball with one hand
  • keep our eyes looking forward, not at the ball, so we can see where we are going
Bailey looking up and forward as she dribbles the ball

Logan doing 5 bounces with one hand and then crossing over to the other hand while standing still

Kasaiyah dribbling the ball at her hip and walking forward

Ella & Zack dribbling and doing high 5s

Ciara dribbling the ball at her hip and counting the bounces

Summer practicing keeping the ball at her hip

Kaedyn & CJ dribbling and doing high 5s


Balin with his eyes up and looking forward as he dribbles the basketball

Logan, Camo & Ashley

Nathan keeping his ball close to make it go where he wants

Nelson the Baby Elephant

In reading the Duck Dogs Group have been retelling facts they have learned about Nelson the baby elephant using the IPADs.

Look at the great work by Sienna, Henry, Camo, Logan, Jaedyon, Oscar and Nathan.