Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hairy Maclary's Birthday Month

To celebrate Hairy Maclary's birthday we made our own Hairy Maclary dogs. 

We learnt to follow instructions to complete a project. We also learnt that a project means something that takes a long time to complete. We discovered that our project had lots of different stages;
  • drawing our dogs with white pastel
  • cutting out the dog shape
  • stuffing the dog to make it a 3d shape
  • cutting and sticking on strips to make the fur
  • making the collar
  • curling the strips of fur
  • glueing on the eyes
We worked really hard for a long time to finish our Hairy Maclary dogs. Check out our amazing creations.....

Next term our Hairy Maclary's will be displayed in the library.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Nga Tipu pyjama breakfast

Today Nga Tipu held our pyjama breakfast and problem solving day. Check out the pictures to see how much fun we had in our pyjamas!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Using detail in our writing

In writing, we are learning to use detail to create a picture in the readers mind.

Today, we wrote about fishing adventures (some real and some long tales!). We have used what we learnt from the Minstrel show, our own experiences and our imaginations to create some fabulous stories.

Author Oscar wrote:

I went fishing in a sea legs. A sea legs is a type of boat. I was in the boat with Bryan and Rob then the rod went like this zez! zez! and I caught a massive fish! It was a snapper. I've never caught a snapper before. Some of them we had to throw back because they were too small. I caught four fish and the other dudes caught two each. When we got back home I held one up. It felt slimy like under a boat and dry and we took a photo. I said, "Cheese," the camera went click. I slapped the fish down.

Author Ciara wrote:

I went fishing in the river. When we were in the middle of the river a gigantic octopus came and put me in the water! I didn't drown because I had a life jacket on. I got soaking wet! I went back to the boat and caught a fish. It was disgusting. I took it home.

Author Ella H wrote:

I caught a gigantic fish. It was a mummy fish so I chucked the mummy fish back into the water because it might have babies in its tummy! My dad caught a gigantic fish so my dad chucked the fish back in the water. So no one caught a fish that day. 

Author Sienna wrote:

On Saturday I went fishing with my dad. I caught a baby fish and then we measured it. I saw that it was 10 centimeters long so Dad chucked it in the water. Dad put the bait on the fishing rods because I don't like touching the bait because it is very very very very slimy!