Thursday, 12 September 2013

Samoan Sasa

Check out how fabulous Room 6 children are! They showed perseverance, determination, commitment and enjoyment learning a traditional Sasa dance. Listen carefully to our caller, Logan. He instructs the dancers in Samoan!

Samoa from tracey hill on Vimeo.


We are learning about tessellation. We know that tessellate means fitting together with no gaps. We know triangles, rectangles, squares and hexagons can tessellate. Circles can't because when you put them next to each other there are gaps.

Some children went on a tessellation hunt and found items around school that show tessellation.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Adding tens and ones

We are learning about symmetry. We know that symmetrical means both halves are the same. We created pictures using cubes with both halves the same. A red cube was worth 10 and a green cube worth 1. We wrote number sentences to help us work out how much our picture was worth.

We used our skip counting to find the value of our patterns.We skip counted in 10s first then skip counted in 2s to work out the value.

Kasaiyah skip counting in 10s and 2s to solve

Jack creating his next symmetrical pattern to solve

Samoan Coconut

Today we tried fresh coconut. Mrs Ramsay smashed the coconut with a stone just like they do in Samoa. Everyone got to try a piece of coconut flesh. We learnt that coconuts are really hard to crack. We found out that coconut water tastes sweet and the coconut flesh is chewy.

Author Sienna wrote:

Rattle! Rattle! Rattle! I can hear the milk in the coconut. Then I can hear another noise. The noise sounds like Bang! Bang! Bang! I thought it was a rock banging on a coconut. I was right. Then when the coconut cracked we drank some milk.

Author Ella N wrote:

Today Mrs Ramsay opened a coconut with a rock. Bam! Bam! Bam! We got to have coconut flesh. I thought it was revolting.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Ordering our stories


We are learning to order events in our story so we have a beginning, middle and end. This makes our writing more interesting to read. To help us understand the different parts of a story we read The Magic Key by Roderick Hunt.  Check out how authors in Room 6 created their own Magic Key Adventures.....

Author Georgia wrote:

I found a magic key that talked then I rushed into my sister's bedroom. I shouted, "Anaya! Anaya! Anaya! I found a magic key!" Anaya and I shrunk. Anaya shouted, "What's! Going! On!" I said, "We are going on an adventure because we have turned into princesses." Anaya was the princess and I was the queen. On the way we met a lady called Mrs Ramsay. Mrs Ramsay asked if she could come. We said yes so off we went to the Wizard of Oz to change us back into people so we could see our mums and dads again. On the way Anaya, Mrs Ramsay and I played tag and met unicorns and fairies. We got treats. They were lollipops, cotton candy and one fruit one that was Mrs Ramsay's favourite, pineapple. We were almost there but an Ogre was blocking the way. We moved it with our magic in our hands. We got turned back into people again.

Author Henry wrote:

"What's that?" cried Henry. Maisie said, "It's a KEY!" When Dad touched the key it flew up up UP into the air and it  turned into a golden glowing wardrobe. We jumped back in amazement and shouted, "WOW!!!" We jumped in the wardrobe because we were curious to see what was inside it. "It's candy land!" shouted Maisie. "Come on, let's eat!" cried Mum. There were lollipops for the flowers and candy cane and bubblegum for the trees and gingerbread men and women for people and the river was fizzy. Then we started to gobble candy up. Once we had eaten, the wardrobe appeared again and we walked through it and we were back home tucked up in bed.

The end.

Author Max wrote:

"Look out Lucas, a key is about to shoot out of a box like a rocket. It's making a door," I said. I ran to the door, "Lucas the door is too stiff to open. I will get a mallet to smash it open." My plan worked. Something was not right. The door was sucking things in and I was getting sucked in. I was holding a table leg then it sucked the table in and I was going with it. I ended up in a different universe but I was not in New Zealand. I was in Hawaii. It was tropical in Hawaii. I went surfing and I climbed up coconut trees, banana trees and pineapple trees. I ate nine coconuts, seventeen bananas and eleven pineapple. I was excited because I slept in a fale. Four days later the key came back. I was sad when I turned back to normal and ended up at home.

Author Bailey wrote:

"Look! There's a magic shiny key floating around my room," I yelled. I raced into my sister's room and shouted to her to come and look. Suddenly, we turned smaller and smaller and smaller. There were giant things and then I got sad but my mum called out to me and Mich but..... She walked into my room but she didn't see us because we were tiny. Suddenly, a large mouse came and said, "Come on my back. Where do you want to go?" Mich and I said, "Can we go to Candy World?" "Yes," said the mouse. We got on the mouse's back and we rode to Candy World but when I got there I saw all the lollies and Mich and I ate the lollipop trees and the grass made out of lollies. Suddenly, the key shined up and I grew bigger and bigger and bigger! Candy World disappeared and the key disappeared. I went home and went to bed.

The end.