Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Words starting with BR (b-r)

We are learning about blends. We know that blends are two letters that join their sounds together to make a blended sound. When we sound out words with blends we sound out each letter in the blend by itself. 
Brick = b-r-i-ck.  Brown = b-r-ow-n 

Check out how we used the IPADs to find images of words that start with the blend BR.

Rainbow Magic

WALT use interesting vocab to create a picture for the reader.

Check out Deegan's and Ella's stories about their adventures under a magic rainbow.

Author Deegan wrote:

Once upon a time there was a pot of  gold at the end of a rainbow. I went under the rainbow. Suddenly, I popped into an Angry Bird. I found a golden key. I got the key but I pointed the key at me then I shrunk like a mouse. Then some Oompa Loompa's came out and Willy Wonka came out after them. I went under the rainbow again and I turned into an Oompa Loompa. I felt skinny and tight. I was little but I could eat the chocolate off the rainbow. It was yummy!

Author Ella N. wrote:

At the end of my rainbow there was a fairy wand floating around inside the rainbow. I decided to step inside. Suddenly, I turned into a fairy. I looked like a princess. I had a golden dress and glass slippers. It looked like a very busy city under the rainbow. I met 5 fairies on the way and soon we reached a valley of blossoms. The 5 fairies had to fly with their sparkly fairy wings. When I reached the kingdom the King and the Queen said, "Go and see Mr Long Legs." I was very excited!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Learning to do subtraction by counting back

We have been learning how to use counting back to solve subtraction problems. The Abacus Aliens used frog strips to help them count back today to solve subtraction problems with numbers up to 30.

Ella N counting back to solve 

Zack using counting back to solve 29-5=?

Ella H using counting back to solve

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

We are learning how to be safe in an earthquake. Watch this video from Civil Defence New Zealand that helps us remember how to keep ourselves safe in an earthquake.

Author Analise wrote: 

When there's an earthquake Mrs Ramsay says, "An earthquake." Boom boom boom wibble wobble wibble wobble goes the earthquake. The earth is moving. Mrs Ramsay tells us it's an earthquake and to get under your tables and hold onto a leg of a table and cover our heads in case the building falls down on you. If there's an earthquake outside you stop what you are doing and snuggle up like a turtle. That's how you save your life! 

Author Zack wrote:

When there is an earthquake the pictures go rattle rattle shake shake. If there is a real earthquake you get under the table and you hold onto a leg and you get into a turtle shape. When an earthquake happens you do this and then you can be safe. This is what you do in an earthquake - Drop! Cover! Hold!

Author Jaedyon wrote:

Earthquakes happen under ground. There are some plates that make the earthquake happen because they slowly fall on top of each other. There was a large earthquake in the South Island in a city centre in the South Island. Some railway lines got bent! When the earthquake was still happening some buildings fell down. If you're outside and there are no tables you just drop and cover like a turtle tucked up in bed. Make sure you are away from stuff that can fall down on you.

Author Camo wrote: 

When there’s an earthquake you hop under the table which is the closest. You get your hand over your head to protect your important part of your body which is your brain. The ground makes this sound, Grrr! Grrr! Grrr! Shaking happens and the stuff falls over and smashes on the ground. An earthquake happens when two tech tonic plates slide and crash and move. When you’re outside doing something you drop, cover like a turtle and tuck like you are in a bed away from stuff that could fall on you. You don’t need to panic because there’s always people there to help. Room 6 had a practice and Mrs Ramsay said, “Earthquake!” We hopped under our tables and did drop, cover. We held onto the table legs because if the table moves you move with it. We do this to keep us safe!

Author Ciara wrote: 

In an enormous earthquake sometimes the ground opens up and the tech tonic plates go up and down. That's how the earthquake happens. When there's an earthquake you have to get under a table and curl up like a turtle, put your hand around your neck and if you are in the middle and you can't reach the leg you hold onto the person beside you. That's what keeps you safe!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Oma Rapeti Starring Room 6

Check out our assembly item - Oma Rapeti! Mrs Ramsay was so proud of all the children for their perseverance and determination to perform our assembly item. Tino pai a tamariki!

Watch the video and then read some of the fabulous stories from Room 6 tamariki.

My Project 2 from kathy ramsay on Vimeo.

Author Sienna wrote:

Last Friday the whole of Room 6 did an assembly item called Oma Rapeti. We made bunny ears and bunny tails. First we put on our bunny ears. Then Mrs Ramsay stapled our bunny tails on. When we had our tails on we had to lift our tails before we sat down. Then we went to the hall before anyone else and hopped on stage and waited until everyone was ready. We did our little play and sung our song called Oma Rapeti.

Author Balin wrote:

When I went to our assembly item I was excited to do the play. To make our bunny tails we used white pom poms and spread them out. We did it in the hall at the end we shook our bunny tails at the audience. At the end we had a chat with Mrs Ramsay then we turned around and shook our bunny tails again. Then we went back to room 6. We got a photo.

Author Summer wrote:

Last Friday all of Room 6 went to the hall to sing Oma Rapeti on the stage. We had to wait for all the school. We did a play. First we ate grass 3 times and we had to pretend farmers were there. They said, "Look at those annoying bunnies eating all our carrots." Some people's parents came to watch their children singing Oma Rapeti.  I was excited all that week until Friday. My mum and nanny and my little cousin came to watch. My bunny ears almost came off on the stage. 

Author Cloe wrote:

I made a bunny tail because we did an assembly item. I felt scared because the stage was high. In front of us there were kids and teachers and mums and dads! I was a rabbit and the farmers said, "Look at those annoying rabbits eating all our carrots," and Kasiayah said, "Hide rabbits, hide!"

Author Max wrote:

Last week Room 6 did an assembly item. First Room 6 practiced and practiced. Next Room 6 did a skit. I was the leader of the farmers. I did the talking into the microphone saying, "Look at those annoying rabbits eating all of our carrots." Then the rabbits heard me and hid in the burrows. Ella N said, "Up!" and the bunnies started eating again.

Author Ciara wrote:

On Friday we had an assembly item. I was a farmer. We had to hold guns but not real guns. We made the guns. I was really excited. We had to say, "Look at all those annoying rabbits eating all our carrots." Then the rabbits hid and we said it again and then the rabbits ran. We went to Room 10 to make our bunny ears and my partner was Jack and Jack helped make my rabbit ears. We sung the song to Room 6.