Thursday, 28 March 2013

Science experiment

This week we got together with Room 5 and did a science experiment outside. Mrs Ramsay put some mentos into a bottle of diet coke and then an eruption happened.....

Author Jack wrote: 

I went out to see the coke on the field. Mrs Ramsay put mints into the coke. It was exciting. I thought I would get burnt. 

The coke came out like a volcano. Mrs Ramsay was a super scaredy cat. It came out like a brown rainbow.

Author Georgia wrote:

Today we went outside to watch Mrs Ramsay do an experiment with diet coke and mints. When Mrs Ramsay put the mints into the bottle she ran backwards because she was frightened of the coke sploshing in her face. I thought it was funny when Mrs Ramsay ran backwards. It looked like Mrs Ramsay had a sword and was fighting a bear. Suddenly, the coke warmed up and popped up and went flying up high in the sky like a hot air balloon. Then the coke splashed down on the ground.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


In maths we are learning about shapes. We have been exploring 2D shapes and talking about corners and sides, finding shapes in our classroom and around the school, making and taking apart shapes looking at halves and quarters.

This week we are learning about 3D shapes. We explored spheres today and decided that sphere is a really tricky word to say! Look at this cool video to learn more about 3D shapes.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Marvellous Munchkins creativity

This week in Room 6 we have been talking about how we can read 'big books' during reading time. To help us read 'big books' we created reading pointers. Pointers are a tool we can use to help us read by pointing to each word as we read the story.

Look at our wonderful creations!

Author Ella N wrote:

I made a pointer for reading because we all can't have a pointer. It has a butterfly and a pipe cleaner on it and it is a pink pipe cleaner. It was fun making pointers. We aren't finished. We still need to put on golden glitter.

Fabulous writing Ella - I love the detail in your writing. Well done!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Yucky foods

Today in Room 6 we wrote about foods that we think are disgusting!

Author Nathan wrote:

My yucky food is peas, not the one we do, its the one we eat. When I eat peas I spew them up on my dog. I don't eat peas because I don't like the inside of the peas. They are revolting because they are slippery.

Author Camo wrote:

I don't like blueberries and mushrooms because the mushrooms make me feel like  I want to spew. I don't like the taste. Now the blueberries make me want to die. I hide my blueberries and mushrooms in my pocket. I put them in the bin when my mum isn't looking.

Author Ashley wrote:

The most disgusting food I have ever eaten is mushrooms. When I have to eat them I don't, instead I give them to my kitten when my mum isn't looking. They taste like garbage. My kitten loves them because she meows for more mushrooms.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Special things

As part of our learning about 'who we are' we have been writing about something that is special to us.

Author Max wrote:

My special thing is a Kina skeleton. It makes me remember a long time ago when I went to the Rocky Shore. It is very delicate. It has a circle in the middle and that is its trap door that helps the Kina get food.

Author Kasaiyah wrote:

My special thing is my purple basket and it is special to me because my aunty got it for me. I can put my little notepads and all of my pens and all of my pencils in it.

Fantastic writing Max & Kasaiyah! 

Buddy Class

Learning buddies

Our buddy class is Room 13. Last week we got together with the wonderful year 3/4 students from Room 13. Everyone introduced themselves and shared their stories they had written for each other.

Thank you Room 13 for coming to visit us in Room 6. We look forward to spending more time together with you!

Nathan & Victoria
Brooklyn & Analise

Kyro & Balin
Cloe & Corbyn

Deegan, Bradley & Kaden

Izaiah & Dylan

Ezra & Jaedyon

Kaedyn & Rosie

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Gloop! Recipe

2 cups cornflour
1 cup cold water
food colouring

Pour cornflour into large bowl
Slowly pour in water and mix continuously with spoon until water just mixed in. Then start mixing with hands. When smooth, add in a few drops of food colouring. 

Gloop can store in a ziplock bag for a few days and can be made soft again by squeezing with hands.

Author Sienna wrote:

Today Room 6 went outside to play with gloop. It felt like a slimy slug. The whole class loved it because it was awesome!

Author Henry wrote:

Today Room 6 went out to play with slimy and wavy gloop. It can slime down your hand like a slug. It is made of cornflour and water. It felt hard like a stone. At the end if kind of like turned into chalk!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Learning slogan

Across the school we have been talking about 'what is learning'? In Room 6 we talked about all the different things we do when we learn and what learning means to each of us. Collectively we came up with the slogan 'Learning is like going on a treasure hunt' because we never know what we are going to learn! We made a poster to display in our classroom. On Friday, at assembly, each class shared their slogan and Room 6 won! On Friday afternoon Miss Anderson brought all the children an ice-block to celebrate the achievement. Well done marvellous munchkins of Room 6 - what fabulous learners you are!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Five plus ....

Learning about 5+

In maths the Calculator Crocodiles have been learning about 5 +. Look at some of the great work they have been doing using tens frames and counters  to make number sentences 5 + .... = .....
Awesome work Calculator Crocodiles!

Monday, 4 March 2013


On Friday, all of the children in Nga Tipu team participated in the Duathlon. I was so proud of all the children in Room 6 for doing their personal best in the run and the swim! Well done marvellous munchkins of Room 6! Check out the photos. Mrs Ramsay

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Place value

In room 6 we have been exploring place value. We have been making teen and 2 digit numbers with materials. To help us learn how many tens there are in teen and 2 digit numbers we made, drew and wrote numbers. Making numbers with materials helped us understand that a bundle of ice block sticks or a bag of beans is the same as 1 group of 10.