Monday, 2 December 2013

Making Crystals

We have been exploring how when we mix things together sometimes things change.

We wondered what would happen when we mixed borax and boiling water together.

We observed that when we mixed the borax powder with the water it dissolved. Then, when the water started to cool down the borax reappeared and started joining onto the pipe cleaners. Next, crystals started to appear on the pipe cleaner and all the way up the wall of the jar.

What an amazing chemical reaction!

First, we had to make our pipe cleaner shapes. The shape had to fit inside the jar but not touch the sides. The bottom of the shape had to touch the bottom of the jar. This took lots of problem solving.

Next, we mixed 3 cups of boiling water and 9 tablespoons of borax in a big jar. The teachers poured the water and we carefully stirred. 

We were very careful because we know boiling water can burn!

After that, we put the pipe cleaners into the borax and water mixture. We left them in the jar until the water was cold. We observed some amazing changes taking place.

The Borax goes hard like concrete in the jar

After a few hours it was time for the crystals to come out of the jar. This was a very tricky job for Mrs Ramsay and Mrs H.

Look at our amazing creations!

Crystals hanging to dry

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